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My Black is Beautiful. Your Black is Beautiful. Our Black is Beautiful. -@zellieimani
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My Black is Beautiful. Your Black is Beautiful. Our Black is Beautiful. -@zellieimani

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A Dark Skinned Girl’s Response to Lupita’s Oscar Win

"And I don’t think I realized how much I still hurt until Lupita won tonight

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"When You Black…"

Original poem by Rob ‘Robalu’ Gibsun. 

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When I Realized I was Black

In third grade I moved from a diverse school in Maryland to an essentially all-White school in Texas. On the first day a girl asked me, “Are you from Africa?” I remember being in shock and thinking, “Am I the first Black person you’ve ever met? Don’t you know Black people live in America?” and I’ve hated Texas ever since. 

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Anonymous asked: I have to say, i miss judged this blog, looking further i see you have posted black women with curves. SORRY! lol i kinda jumped on this without further looking in on the blog. Just been tired of seeing blogs that say "black women are beautiful" and only show me runway models! For that I'm truly sorry and keep up the good work. You have a new follower.

Thank you! No need to apologize but thank you for it. We hope to continue to post inclusive photo sets that represents the diversity of Blackness.

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Going Natural

When I first decided to go natural the only person who even remotely supported me was my mother. After 8 years of perms and a constant frustration, I decided that I was done with dealing with it. I cut off all of my perm ends and my mother braided my hair into cornrows. She didn’t agree with what I was doing, but more because she thought I would have a hard time at school. She was right. Alot of the black students there would call me ugly, question why I was doing what I was doing, and even my sisters would repeat the same thing back to me. Surprisingly, the only people that really supported me were my non-black friends. Within my little circle, they thought it was cool and thought it was an interesting process. The stigma around natural hair is one that needs to be changed from the inside out. If we as Black people cannot accept ourselves, how to we expect the outside world to do so?

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Feb 17, 2014

horrorjinxmo asked: Hey, I just noticed that the ourblack(.)com site is no longer up. Is the submission for long works still going on or no longer?

hey,  there was never a site

Please check out

for the guidelines and where to email submissions!

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Do you recall any specific childhood experiences that led to racial self awareness?

I went to a mostly white school for most of my life & on my first day of school a bunch of the white children crowded around me & began to touch my ponytails in shock. They said “Wow! You’re not bald like the kids from Africa!” 

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I love drawing, but back when I was younger I would draw nothing but white people, despite being black. Every time I drew portraits of myself, I would have white skin and straight hair. I didn’t realize what I as doing until a fan of my art online asked me what my ethnicity was and was surprised when I told her I was Haitian. She told me that she always assumed I was white because that’s the way I portrayed myself in drawings.